Maintaining High Voltage Transformer 

Today’s modern society has become so connected with electric power that even a short service interruption can create destruction and damages.  One of the most important parts of the electric equipment is the transformer. The power distribution is the most obvious application of the electrical transformer. It is the key to delivering good quality, economical and safe power dissemination. High voltage transformers include features for electrical isolation, power distribution, and instrumentation applications. It can also convert voltages from one level configuration to another. Also, it is used to meet a wide variety of needs. As time passes by, different types of transformers were developed. Power transformer which is used primarily to couple electrical energy from power supply line to a circuit system, distribution transformer which is used to supply small amounts of power to residences, autotransformer which is a special type of transformer, isolation transformer which is a very unique one, instrument transformer known as an accurate ratio transformer, current transformer and potential transformer are the common types of transformers that we encounter. As the world evolves, high voltage transformer maintenance becomes increasingly important.  Since transformers play an important role in the power system, it is important that it should undergo regular maintenance as this is critical to the life and functioning of this equipment.  

Voltage Transformer

It has been observed that less maintenance may decrease your maintenance cost but on the other hand, it increase your damage risk and this may cause a massive loss.  It is proved that a transformer can work more than its lifespan if proper maintenance is given to it. Maintaining transformers is an old proposition, but we always neglect the care and attention it deserves. Transformers will be damage over time, and the failure in conducting oil testing can be a big factor to not discover the problem.  Maintenance can either time-based or condition based. The time-based maintenance is carried out at the preset intervening time or on the base of prescribed criteria. It is intended at lessening the probability of failure or the working degeneration of the transformer. The condition-based maintenance is in which the asset condition is monitored and performance deterioration is tracked. Maintenance is based on the transformer’s working performance and its parameters.  

In our daily life, electricity has developed as a big part of our society and life without electricity is a thing that can’t be imagined. The whole nation unquestionably needs the supply of electricity and they need the transformer for the proper distribution of power supply. We cannot deny the fact that the malfunction of some machines is due to voltage problems. That’s why proper maintenance is for the transformer should be prioritized. The modern industries don’t need to worry about any problems that are existing due to electricity failures if we have proper voltage maintenance. Maintaining transformers is as important as taking care of our assets. Proper maintenance not only helps to keep your transformer in good condition but it will also increase the age of the transformer and decrease the damage of risk. 

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For some people, they like to keep a mouse to their homes. They want to make it as a pet since it is not going to be expensive when it comes to the maintenance and food that they are eating every day. Rats are most likely considered as a pest and for some they don’t think much about the biggest differences between a mouse and a rat. Rats can be found at home and they are usually come in black color. They love to stay in the kitchen and bathroom of the house. They can be very dangerous and destructive as well because of the sharp teeth that they have. They can eat and gnaw your woods and furniture and the folder of papers on your table. The most serious thing about them is that they can carry dangerous diseases that could be fatal for some other people. They are not only living in your house but they are very common now to a lot of apartments. Some property owner would hire the Edmonton Pest control just to eradicate them all. Even, you only saw one rat in your living apartment. That would definitely mean that there could a lot more out there. It is going to be hard to remove since you don’t know where do they come from? You can actually get rid of them one by one in this way.  


  1. You can certainly use a mouse trap. Don’t use the smaller one. Pick the one that is big enough to catch and trap them. This will be better in catching and trapping them. You can actually make your own kind of trap for them. Just make sure that you know how to do it and there would be enough time for you to finish making it.  You should include some food that can attract the nose and the smell of the rats. You may use some of the common foods in your kitchen like peanut butter, bread, meat and raisins, too. You need to place the food properly as some rats could be very smart in getting the food from the trap. Put the mouse trap to the location where rats are frequently seen. Make sure that it is far from the kids and pets to reach. Don’t try to settle them on the center of the floor. Some of the areas where you can best put them are under the furniture and appliances, under the dining table, near to small holes on your wall. Give yourself a time to check the trap so that you would know if there is a dead rat already or none. You don’t want your place to smell bad.  
  2. You can use a poison available in the hardware. They are looking like a pellet and some are liquid that you can mix to the food and place them to the area where they usually get their food. If they haven’t eaten it. You need to replace and put a new kind of it so that it would be effected enough to kill rats.  

5 Health Benefits of Acupuncture 

Acupuncture is a health technique that originated as an old traditional practice from the land of China in which practitioners insert thin needles into the skin to stimulate specific points in the body. The holistic  practice has risen in popularity due to the right reasons including the field of Acupuncture Houston offers. Here are the health problems that have been proven to be mitigated by the power of needles. 



If sleeping at night has been difficult for you, you should give acupuncture a well-deserved chance. It has been proven by various researches that there is a beneficial improvement in reducing insomnia as an effect of this needle procedure. The good thing is, unlike other treatment counterparts, acupuncture has no side effects at all. 

Headaches and Migraines 

Ever felt distracted in your work because headaches always hit you? Or have you ever experienced a decrease in the level of productivity and frequent absences in your job due to a migraine? If you are tired of looking for and trying out various solutions to your recurrent nuisance, maybe it’s time to entrust the issue in the power of the needles. It has been proven by researchers in the Center for Complementary Medicine that acupuncture is a non-pharmacological tool that caused relevant improvement in the patients with chronic headaches and migraines. 

Chronic Pain in the Neck, Back and Knee 

Chronic pain is a term used to describe the pain that lasts for more than three to six months. It can take many forms, but it is often grouped into two major categories which are the pain with identifiable cause and pain with no identifiable cause. There have been various ways and treatments that are constantly tried out by the individuals who suffer from this type of pain. Unfortunately, not all of them get the result that they want from these treatments. The good news is, a non-pharmacological tool that has been getting more popular nowadays have been proven to aid in improving the well-being of those who suffer from chronic pain. Try acupuncture and see the wonderful effects for yourself. 


Parkinson’s disease is a cognitive disease that mainly affects the certain part of the brain that produces dopamine. After diagnosis, a patient can take up medications and treatments to help decrease the occurrence of symptoms which include tremors, rigid muscles, and difficulty in speech. One of the most prominent treatments that these patients are undertaking is acupuncture. It has been proven to show improvements in the individual symptoms of the patients without any adverse effects. 

Pregnancy and Postpartum Health 

Pregnancy is considered a wonderful experience but there are also a lot of presented difficulties to the carrying mothers. Aside from the physical challenges in the span of nine months, there are also emotional strains that a pregnant woman has to undergo. The worst thing is, the difficulties do not stop after the baby delivery. Some women experience postpartum symptoms such as stress, anxiety, loss of appetite and inability to sleep. Let the power of acupuncture ease the physical and emotional strain of the body during and after birth. 

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